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Testata 24H

A Bit of History

24Ore di Roma is located in Parco degli Acquedotti, whose name is due to the presence of seven Roman Aqueducts in the area. The Claudio Aqueduct is the 8th one built during the Roman time and it is one of the most important ones for the avant-garde building techniques, the remarkable expense and manpower employed. The works started in 38 a.C. by Caligola and ended in 52 a.C. by Claudio. The Aqueduct was originally 46,406 roman miles (68,681 km).

Even though Rome lacks of cycling lanes, it definitely doesn’t lack of brave riders! 24Ore di Roma, or as the organisers call it- “24H MTB SPQR” has been taking place since 2006. It’s not only a sports event, but also a gastronomic, musical and playful event. It lasts two days and is a mountain bike relay race (starting “Le Mans” style). Athletes can participate as “agonist” riders (card-carrying athletes) in teams from 2, 4 to 8 members; tandem or lone racers for the “Solo” category. There is also a category for non agonistic participants, the “Fannulloni - Lazybones” category (men and women teams up to 8 members).

Athletes race for 24 hours non stop in the circuit that is marked but non lighted except for the Shifting Area. The race will start Saturday 12th September at 12:00 and end on Sunday 13th September at 12:00. The 24h Village will be opened from Thursday 10th September, allowing the bikers to settle in.

The circuit is around 7.5 km long and has a 50m altitude gap for each round. It is located in Parco degli Acquedotti (Tuscolana/Cinecittà area in Rome) and has a mix of dirt patch, meadow and paths with low altitude gaps in order to give everyone the possibility to participate.

In the 24h Bike Village Roma will be an Expo Area where companies and sponsors will be able to promote their new products.

The 24Ore di Roma is ridable and flat, and is goes along the wonderful Claudio Aqueduct, other than beautiful meadows and paths; there will also be music and food – the is a festive atmosphere, and the bike lights in the dark make it special and unique.

The circuit is NOT LIGHTED- every participant must have appropriate lights: an anterior white one and a posterior red one in order to safely race during the night.

The classification will be compiled for each category according to times and round number.

The TROPHY “24h MTB ROME MMXV” (a Roman helmet) will be awarded to the team that has ridden through the most kilometres, and to the first solo man (a Roman helmet) and woman (a Roman Daga).

In the programme there is also a very interesting bike guided tour through the most beautiful squares, streets and monuments of Rome, the “Ride through History” – ROMA BIKE NIGHT. The start is on Friday 11th September 2015 – h 16:00.

Subscriptions must be submitted by Monday 31st August 2015, or they will close after reaching the maximum number of 2000 participants.